Cheryl Aldrich

Aging Adult Monitor

This toolset provides way to help caregivers monitor their aging family members to ensure they are healthy and safe, giving everyone peace of mind.

The product consists of a wristband worn by an aging adult and an accompanying phone app. The wristband collects health and location data, sends alerts, sends and receives messages, and makes phone calls. It does not require a lot of interaction from the aging adult, but provides much needed data to their caregivers. The phone app provides a means of accessing important information quickly and easily. The caregiver can also monitor health and location information and calendar events and they also have the ability to send medical history and medication lists to medical staff with just a few clicks.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

In the 9 years that I managed this website I completed several large, successful projects and won several awards:

  • Responsive Redesign
  • Montana WILD site and scheduler - Saves 20 manhours per week
  • Discover Montana's Ecosystems - Governor's Award
  • Design & Construction - Digital Plans - Saves $250,000 per year

Design & Construction - Projects Tool

This project was designed to allow personnel to enter data once, to be used on the website and for accounting purposes. It could have saved countless manhours of work and reduced errors significantly had it been implemented.

About Me

I began my career in to web development. Shortly after I completed my BS in Computer Science I went back to school to study art and design. At first it was all about painting and drawing, but with more design knowledge I grew more interested UI and UX design. So I made the switch to the front-end and continued to study many aspects of design, including UX.


I eventually landed in Montana, managing a large state agency website. I managed content, design, and everything UX. I loved being involved with so many aspects of the site as well as having the opportunity to really get to know my audience and their needs. I did research, usability testing, design flows, and other UX artifacts as I worked to improve the site's usability.

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